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Parental Testimonials

I highly would recommend this nursery to anyone that is looking to place there child somewhere . My daughter has been going there nearly 2 years she started when she was around 9 months. She absolutely loves it and gets excited when it’s her day to go to nursery in fact most the time she doesn’t even want to come home with me because she’s having such a wonderful time there. All the staff there are lovely and look after the children extremely well and are very easy to talk to. I just say in the whole 2 years I haven’t had one issue or concern about anything . It’s a lovely little village nursery that has a nice homely feel.

— Kelsey Bass 2019

Chloe really enjoys her time at nursery and is always keen to go in and see everyone. She has made some lovely friends and has built strong relationships with all the staff. The staff know Chloe really well. They are always thoughtful and supportive, and I feel happy leaving her in their care., The nursery have always been approachable and helpful to any of my queries and have been very flexible to suit my needs. I especially love to see all the Tapestry and find it helpful to see what she has been up to, track her development and share experiences from outside of nursery., Throughout her time, Chloe has progressed well and her confidence and independence is amazing. I know that by time she begins school she will have all the skills needed to begin her next journey!

— Stacey 2019

My daughter has been attending Rothersthorpe Day Nursery since she was a year old and she is now 8. She has moved from the baby room through to the toddler room and into pre school. During this time she settled in really well, was always happy and secure, especially finding comfort with some of the members of staff. She has been supported in the pre school stage to help with her development, to write her name and learn her numbers but mostly I feel the nursery has helped her become a caring and kind person, learning life skills such as patience and sharing with others, especially those younger than herself. My daughter now attends the breakfast and after school clubs and continues to have fun and feel supported. She knows the staff really well, enjoys the food and often makes me wait to take her home!

— Clare Hone 2019

Charlotte Etheridge March 2016 - Rothersthorpe day nursery is a lovely setting with kind and thoughtful staff that treat the children with such care and attention. After sending 2 of my children to the nursery I would highly recommend this setting to anyone that asks. My children have always been happy to be at the nursery and often speak about the staff and other children when at home. There is a happy and homely feel to the nursery and it is clear as a parent how happy the children are. The staff are helpful and very informative about the children's day and there are regular updates to the children's time tables and activities. Rothersthorpe really is a wonderful little nursery, I feel I found a little gem when I sent my children to Rothersthorpe.

— Charlotte Etheridge March 2016

My son absolutely loves it here and tells me so everyday. He has come on leaps and bounds since starting the nursery and I feel very happy leaving him every morning. All the staff are lovely and genuinely care for his well being. The nursery is in such a lovely village location and just has a nice warm welcoming feeling when you enter. My son especially loves the well equip garden area. Great job to everyone there helping my son to learn and grow, I know he will be well prepared for school but will miss this place terribly.

— Lyndsey Welke March 2016

Lovely nursery, friendly atmosphere! Freddy has settled nicely and looks forward to his sessions! Would recommend highly.

— J S Bushell March 2016

My two year old has been attending the nursery since he was approx 10 months old. He loves it! The nursery nurses welcome him each day with huge enthusiasm. His days are fulfilled with different activities and most days he brings home something creative he has made that day. He regularly talks about his friends at nursery and the fun things they do.

— Gemma Thompson April 2016

Our daughter loves coming to nursery so if she's happy, we're happy! She's well cared for and has made lots of friends. The staff genuinely care for the children and always keep us updated with her progress.

— Jo and Keith

I have used Rothersthorpe Nursery for all three of my children over the years and I have always been very happy with the care and support they receive. The staff have always been warm, welcoming and communication is excellent.

— Debbie Murphy

We are very pleased with the standard of care received by our two girls at Rothersthorpe Nursery - you have really aided both girl's developments and most importantly we know that the girls love the staff, their friends and the time they spend there! We wouldn't dream of sending them anywhere else" - congratulations to you all!

— Andy & Deanne Betts

Rothersthorpe nursery has been a part of our lives for the last 4 years and we have always found the nursery to be very supportive. The environment is very developmental and the staff are nurturing and caring. Stacey has had lots of fun with visits to the local farm, local sights and other internal and external activities. We have been pleased with the progress Stacey has made and the nursery has helped equip her for school and beyond.

— Diane and Darren Britchford

My son Liam attended nursery from the age of 7 months until he started school in September 2008. I found the nursery to be a warm and friendly environment, all staff and management have always been approachable, helpful and cheerful which I think has aided my son's development. As my son got older and moved from room to room within the nursery the transition period was very smooth and I think the nursery catered well for his needs/development. Liam really enjoyed his time at nursery especially the walks around the village and visits to the local farm. Liam has made many friends whilst at Nursery some of which he has now gone to school with and some that we still keep in touch with. I would not hesitate in recommending Rothersthorpe and would like to thank Rita and all the staff for making Liams time with them an enjoyable one

— Jacqui Burrows