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Rothersthorpe provides an excellent play and care facility for school aged children, an ideal facility for working parents. Clubs give parents opportunity to drop their children off and still make it to work on time, and close early evening, allowing parents to work a full day. A full range of activities are available for children e.g. art and craft, creative activities, cookery, board games, parachute games, music activities, dance, drama, Nintendo Wii, computer activities, long walk around the village etc. Children can access the nursery outdoor area or Rothersthorpe school playground under staff supervision. The children also have the opportunity to visit the Rothersthorpe farm. We endeavour to make each day as fun packed as possible and also take the lead from the children.

Breakfast Club/After School Club:

The Nursery can accommodate eight children in the club. Children are taken to, and collected from the local school here in Rothersthorpe. We offer a choice of the following: cereal, toast, crumpets, fresh fruit etc with either milk or water to drink for breakfast. Afternoon tea is offered after school e.g. jacket potatoes and cheese, wraps with filling, beans on toast etc with either milk or water to drink.

Holiday Club:

Holiday club operate during school holidays. Nursery provides high quality structured and fun activities for children. During the day all snacks, drinks, a hot lunch, tea, treats and prizes are included in the price. Throughout the holidays we organise themed weeks/days. These include camping, bikes, pirate week, wet 'n' wild days, fun week etc!!

For more information about the activities during holidays, please ask management.