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All children experience a wide variety of activities like: Construction, small world, threading, puzzles for fine motor. Some messy activities include sand, water, play dough, painting, model making, exploratory play such as gloop! etc. We have a variety of mirrors in different places for children to explore what they look like and helping them to realise that they are separate and different to others.

Treasure baskets/Heuristic play

All children have the opportunity to access heuristic play to explore natural items such as wooden pegs, spoons, sponges etc.

Regular local walks

We are fortunate enough to access the local village where children explore the outdoor environment (search for the mini beasts, look at the birds, farm animals, learn about the animals and help feed them). Children also have the opportunity to walk around the village regularly.


The children have the opportunity to have a rest/sleep during the course of the day, with parent's/carers consent.

Outside Area: (All areas of learning)

Our outside area is a secure and safe environment where all children can explore various areas of experiences. Children can experience outdoor play all year round under the covered area. Outdoor activities Eg, Role play, sand, water, balancing beams, slides, see saw, rocking horse, mark making, large size abacus, bikes, bats and balls, a number washing line as well as sensory garden and much more. There is a little area for children to do digging and growing herbs and vegetables. The Nursery recycles and re-uses material wherever possible.