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Over 2 years - Pre-School

(The ratio for staff is one adult to four Children between 2-3 years and one adult to eight children for pre-school)

This section of Nursery has four main rooms (Blue Bell Room, Poppy Room, Tulip Room and Daffodil Room). The children are encouraged to be autonomous hence; we have implemented "free flow" in these rooms. Children initiate what they want to do, they go and play and then come back to share with their friends what they've done. We provide adult led activities, story and singing time in the morning and afternoon session.

Circle time is provided in both the sessions for children to work in small groups with their key person. Children are also encouraged to learn about personal hygiene by toileting themselves and washing their hands. A member of staff is always nearby to help and to keep a watchful eye on them.

To establish good relationships with parents and to work as a team, all daily information is recorded on a white board or in a message book. Tuition is given through play at each session in the basics of language development, involving speaking and listening, as well as letter recognition and formation in preparation for early reading and writing skills, we also teach basic French including numbers, shapes, colours etc to our pre-school children.

Two Year Check

The progress check has been introduced to enable earlier identification of development needs so that additional support can be put into place if needed. It should review a child's development in the three prime areas of the EYFS: Personal, social and emotional development, physical development and communication and language ensure parents have a clear picture of their child's development, identify areas where a child is progressing well and any areas where progress is less than expected. It should also describe actions the provider and parents intend to take to address any developmental concerns including working with other professionals where appropriate. The Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS) requires that parents and carers must be supplied with a short written summery of their child's development in the three prime learning and development areas of the EYFS. This should be completed when your child is aged 24 months. For children 36+ months we complete Progress summery to cover all areas of the EYFS. In the induction process we will ask parents to give us permission to share the document with the relevant professionals directly; this consent will be included on your child's registration form, health visitor contact details and their red book.